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Privacy Rules, Site Terms of Use and Communications and Information on Your Personal Data

Dear Site Visitors, Customers, Members,


We would like to inform you about our Privacy Rules, Communications, Site Terms of Use and our practices regarding the Processing of Your Personal Data and your rights under the Law on Protection of Personal Data.


Our company odamarka and , the confidentiality of visitor-member-customer (hereinafter referred to as Visitor (s)) information, protection, storage, processing-use-destruction of personal data (information), commercial For electronic communications and other issues, the Privacy Rules-Policy and Application-Terms of Use are valid.


Protection of Information


The necessary precautions for the security of the information and transactions given by the visitors and obtained from them have been taken by our Company or the relevant institution in the systems and internet infrastructure, within the technological possibilities and cost elements, with appropriate technical and administrative methods, depending on the nature of the information and transaction.


In your use of our site (if any), all credit card transactions and approvals are carried out online by the relevant Bank or Card Institutions independently of our Company, and information such as credit card "password" is not seen and recorded by our Company.


Information entered for membership to our site, purchasing products / services (if any) and updating information, as well as confidential information about credit and debit cards, cannot be viewed by other internet users.


Information Collection Methods, Processing-Transfer Purpose and Personal Data Processing


In order to take necessary measures to protect their privacy and in accordance with all legal principles regarding the processing of personal data and personal data storage-destruction policies; If it is legally required, by requesting permission for some applications; Visiting physical and virtual businesses, shopping and contact information of our visitors and other personal information detailed below,


- for legal reasons related to customer experiences, consumer rights, customer / member services and the fulfillment of commercial-financial and legal responsibilities-obligations related to the products and services they need or are interested in, and to benefit from general and personalized products-services and opportunities, and For the purpose of carrying out all kinds of product-service promotion, advertisement, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and user / membership / customer information, transactions and applications,


- In cases where it is stated here and also clearly stipulated in the laws that personal data can be processed and transferred, in cases where the information is made public by the party, in cases where it is necessary to process personal data of the parties of the contract directly related to the establishment or performance of any consumer, membership and other contracts, as well as the data controller. In cases where it is necessary to fulfill all kinds of legal obligations as a processor / processor, as well as in cases where data processing and transfer is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of rights, as well as data processing for legitimate interests stipulated here and in the laws, provided that it does not harm fundamental rights and freedoms. and where transfer is mandatory / necessary,


- partially or fully automated / non-automated collection methods (from the verbal / written information provided by the visitors to our Company and the above-mentioned organizations, from their visits to their stores and / or their physical-virtual environments, mobile applications, and content reviews, social media and Member / user and call center transactions at our Company and the above-mentioned organizations (physical and virtual / digital), and payment-collection-delivery-complaint-campaign-survey transactions regarding shopping and customer satisfaction, from membership and transaction information on the websites of advertising network operators and legal financial documents and other documents-records,In addition, the period to be stipulated in accordance with the purpose of obtaining, taking over, not exceeding the legal maximum periods and processing the information according to the nature of the information (written, verbal, visual and technical data obtained / obtained from the use of fixed-mobile internet and communication devices and / or mobile applications in various environments and places) to be recorded in written / magnetic archives at home and abroad, storage, storage, preservation, making available, using, updating, changing, merging, reorganizing, classifying, disclosing, as of the above-mentioned persons / organizations (domestically and abroad) can be processed and transferred by sharing, transferring, transferring, transfer, destruction (destruction, deletion or anonymization) and other methods in accordance with the law (hereinafter to express all together "processing "or" transaction (e) ").


Cookie Application on Our Site


Various types of cookies are used on our website (in all digital platforms including mobile applications). These are identification information such as session cookies, persistent cookies, mandatory cookies, functionality cookies, analytics cookies, commercial cookies and third party cookies.


Cookies enable the website visited to function properly and improve, to personalize and improve the user experience, to visit the sites without logging in and / or to send commercial-social notifications (which can be seen even if the internet browser and / or the relevant mobile application is closed), and They are small pieces of data placed on computers and mobile devices in order to provide general or customized information, advertisements and promotions to the site users-visitors on the relevant site and on the sites belonging to others (including social media-networks and online advertising networks).


Cookies are kept on computers-devices for a suitable period of time, provided that the legal maximum period, if any, is not exceeded.


Visitors using our site (including mobile versions) have accepted the application specified above, as well as the processing of the relevant identification information here, in the personal data legislation and in other parts of this information text for the purposes and conditions-conditions stipulated for your various information (including transfer-sharing and use to third parties in this context) they count.


Visitors can remove cookies and / or stop the notifications from the settings of the program and / or operating system and / or internet browser at any time they want (In this case, it should be noted that our site / related device / program may not work as desired and / or not be aware of the contents of the notification).




With our visitors, our company odamarka AS and odamarka Holding AS- Back Up Individual Products Sales and Marketing Company with odamarka Companies SMS / short message, instant notification, automatic call, computer, telephone, e-mail / mail, fax, (if it is on your device) all kinds of notifications, bluetooth Social, commercial and other electronic communications can be made with beacon-any other kinds of public-private wireless networks and other electronic communication tools, commercial electronic messages can be sent to visitors.


Your Personal Data Processed-Transmitted and Your Legal Rights Regarding Your Personal Data


Dear Visitor, name, surname, nickname, age / date of birth, gender, marital status, date of marriage, child status, means of transport, area of ​​residence, address and delivery address, education level, profession / work, cultural, artistic, sports , holiday etc. demographic member / user / customer information such as interests-hobbies and habits, private-official identity, identity number. and tax information, photographs, (for security purposes) video recordings and call center conversation voice recordings, shopping habits-preferences, likes and related comments about all kinds of products and services, including clothing, campaigns, contests, surveys, etc. and their contents. Card and account information, old and new mobile / home / work telephone / fax numbers, e-mail addresses, excluding confidential information such as invoice contents, payment methods, passwords,


- whether your personal information is processed, if it has been processed, whether it is used for its intended purpose, the third parties to which it is transferred, the rights to learn, know and request information on all these issues, and correction in case of incomplete or incorrect processing, in accordance with the legal requirements and method. In addition, you have the right to request the deletion or destruction of this situation and to notify the third parties to whom the data is transferred, and also to object to the emergence of a result against you by analyzing your information with automatic systems and to request its removal in case you suffer damage due to unlawful processing,


- You can apply to our Data Responsible Company odamarka AS on all these issues


We present to your information.


Although the above issues are presented to your information in accordance with our obligation to enlighten personal data, we kindly ask you to know that permission is obtained for all kinds of personal data transactions and that unauthorized processing is not carried out, except where the legislation allows it to be processed (including transfers) without the express consent of the relevant person.

In this context, in cases where your permission is requested, you can give the said permission in written-signed form in our stores, as well as in the digital environment (with the same legal quality-value with the written-signed permission again). That said; After you have evaluated the personal data processing information in our store / site, you have examined the text of the permission provided for your information on the printed media or on the terminal / safe screens or on the tablet, mobile phone screens of the store officials or in the link sent to your mobile phone that you will declare, if you find it appropriate, After confirming the accuracy of your information verbally or on the screen or digitally, your permission-approval process will be completed when you carry out the procedures that our store officer will inform you (on the screen and / or mobile phone according to your procedure and your preference). Apart from that, you can always reach our address for permission-approval procedures.

Our company may perform partial / complete destruction (deletion, destruction or anonymization) of personal information in accordance with the relevant legislation and the personal data storage-destruction policies, as well as visitors can reach our Company through the following communication channels without any justification and They can stop personal data processing and / or commercial electronic communications to their parties by performing the procedures. According to the explicit notification-requests in this regard, personal data transactions and / or communications to the party for the channels specified are stopped within the legal maximum period (personal data processing and communications that are possible-required or obliged according to the law). If the visitor wishes, the information other than legally required and / or possible, The data is deleted or destroyed from the registry system or made anonymous in an anonymous way to achieve the same purpose. Applications and requests regarding these issues will be fulfilled within the legal maximum periods or may not be accepted by explaining the legal justification to the party (relevant legal rights reserved).


(Notifications about cookies and notifications on your computer and other devices, and the actions you can take to organize them are mentioned above).


Third Party Sites-Digital Platforms and Applications


On other sites accessed from our site (including mobile versions), their privacy-security policies, terms of use, communication and personal data processing apply; Using information from websites accessed for advertising, banner, content or any other purpose, as well as the ethical principles of the sites (and other digital platforms), privacy-security principles, personal data storage and destruction policies, service quality, terms of use, cookies-web Our Company is not responsible for any dispute, material and moral damages and losses that may arise due to pointers and similar, notifications-suggestions and other applications.




Visitors' transactions and communications from our Site or from other sites / mobile applications linked on our Site and from all kinds of notifications and other services of our Company continue). In addition, if the visitor wishes, information other than legally required and / or possible is deleted or destroyed from the data recording system or anonymised in an anonymous way to achieve the same purpose. Applications and requests regarding these issues will be fulfilled within the legal maximum periods or may not be accepted by explaining the legal justification to the party (relevant legal rights reserved).


Since we cannot know the legal / actual license status of any of our Site Visitors, the responsibility for the use, information and processing-operations of children and other minors belongs to their legal representatives, and they can also use their rights regarding their personal data (and, as the case may be, communications) through their legal representatives.


Shopping and Other Consumer Transactions


In the event that visitors are informed with the above-mentioned copies and / or a product / service is purchased as a result of communications, information, notifications, advertisements and advertisements, the said transaction is also subject to a consumer contract with the relevant seller / provider legally. The consumer contract is applied on its own terms and between the parties.


(If any) When you make purchases from our site, the order pre-notification form you will see during each transaction and the terms of the distance sales contract will be valid.




Our company reserves the right to make any changes it may deem necessary in matters such as privacy, personal data storage-use and disposal policy and Site usage conditions, as well as in the products, services and opportunities, campaigns, etc. These changes are valid from the moment they are announced by our Company on the Site or through other appropriate methods.


You can report your additional information requests, all kinds of requests and complaints to our Company odamarka AS via the following communication channels. In cases where the relevant request must be made in a certain procedure (procedure-time-manner) by law, the said procedure must be followed.


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